APCO International Unveils Career Instructor Program

A Solution to Combat Staffing Shortages in Emergency Communication Centers

Alexandria, VA — The Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials (APCO) International is pleased to announce the launch of the Career Instructor Program (CIP), an innovative initiative designed to address the critical staffing shortages in emergency communication centers (ECCs) nationwide.

APCO developed CIP to establish a structured training pathway for state or locally certified educators to attend APCO’s core course, APCO Public Safety Telecommunicator (PST) 1, 7th Edition, at no cost. Educators are then qualified to teach the PST 1 course to secondary or post-secondary students. The goal of CIP is to ensure that educators across the nation are well-equipped to deliver industry-standard training to the next generation of public safety telecommunicators, providing a solution to the critical staffing needs of ECCs across the country.

A key element of CIP is its focus on providing prospective public safety telecommunicators with an industry-recognized credential, supporting their transition to the public safety communications workforce. This credential significantly enhances employability and readiness for roles in ECCs, ensuring that new entrants are fully prepared to meet the demands of the job.

“The Career Instructor Program is a strategic response to the pressing issue of staffing shortages in emergency communication centers across the country,” said Mel Maier, CEO and Executive Director of APCO International. “This program creates a pathway for educators to attend APCO’s Public Safety Telecommunicator 1 course for the purpose of teaching the next generation. This not only addresses immediate staffing needs but also fosters a sustainable pipeline of qualified public safety telecommunicators for the future.”

CIP is now open for applications. For more information and to apply, visit apcointl.org/CIP.

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