APCO IntelliComm
Supported by IBM Watson Analytics

APCO’s next generation criteria-based guidecard software.

As the nerve centers of emergency response, PSAPs and emergency communications centers must have the most robust, reliable and technologically advanced systems available to deliver the lifesaving services their communities expect.

APCO International has collaborated with IBM in the development of APCO IntelliComm™, a new cognitive criteria-based guidecard software for the 21st century telecommunicator. APCO IntelliComm™ mirrors current guidecards for EMD, police and fire. It will include the most up-to-date NCMEC and ERG manual, as well as groundbreaking features to optimize QA efforts in call taking and dispatching.

Features to include:

Call Transcript Analysis for Optimized QA

  • Pinpoint and score missing information for every call
  • Review transcripts in correlation with version of guidecard used for the call being audited
  • Filter call history by date/range and common information fields

Advanced Analytics and Visualization via Watson Analytics

  • Leverage agency transcript history and meta-data for advanced analysis insights

Easy Navigation Between EMD, Police and Fire

  • Each discipline is always available on screen making it easy to access all disciplines
  • No need to "back out" of a form or screen


  • Like APCO’s paper guidecards, software can be customized to meet an agency’s specific needs
  • Mirrors customizations made to current customized guidecards


  • Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) Compliant
  • ISO-27001/27017/27018 data protection certified
  • Data is encrypted both in transit and at rest
  • Streamlined, secure network-based content management, delivered via IBM Bluemix Cloud
  • Role-based access control for customized guidecard management
  • Delegated security model puts agency in charge

Browser-Based System for Ease of Use

  • No local installation required
  • All stations within an agency have the most recent version of content
  • Modern web browsers supported for HTML5: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari

24x7x365 Critical Issue Support

  • Cloud-based infrastructure provides redundant access points
  • Multiple, scalable, Maintenance and Support packages available

Modern, Intuitive User Interface Experience

  • Leverages best practices to support exceptional user experience
  • Keyboard shortcuts allow you to keep hands on the keyboard and eyes on the screen
  • Scalable fonts to address accessibility considerations
  • Crisp and uncluttered with responsive page presentation

Bring your PSAP into the next generation of guidecard software with APCO IntelliComm™.

For more information, contact the APCO Institute at IntelliComm@apcointl.org or (386) 322-2500.

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