APCO Consulting Services (ACS)

Public Safety Professionals Assisting Public Safety Providers

APCO Consulting Services (ACS) provides agencies and organizations with an unbiased, vendor neutral, comprehensive professional review of their emergency communications needs and programs. ACS can deliver operational and technical insights to PSAPs and agencies looking to improve their operations, organization and technological capabilities. ACS leverages existing APCO services and resources, such as Spectrum Management , Training & Certification, Standards Development, Project RETAINS, and P33 training to support all areas of consulting.

Consulting services include:

Benefits of using ACS:

ACS is an evolution from the APCO Member Assistance Advisory Program (MAAP) which, over the years, has provided operation reviews to PSAPs across the U.S. The MAAP program has successfully offered a pre-consolidation service, which has proved to be very successful, cost effective and will be continued under APCO’s consulting services.

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