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Public Education Tools for Telecommunicators

The following resources may be useful to telecommunicators working on public education projects:

APCO Wireless Call Cards

These business-card sized wireless 9-1-1cards are intended to be set out in public access areas to help educate the public about text-to-9-1-1- and making wireless 9-1-1 calls.

ProCHRT Toolbox
APCO's Professional Communications Human Resources Committee (ProCHRT) developed this online resource about human resource, recognition and training issues related to the public safety communications profession. The Public Education / Media Relations Resources section provides information and examples of ways PSAPs are educating their communities, building effective relationships, connecting with and educating elected officials, and working with children in local schools.

9-1-1: The Number to Know Campaign
This national campaign is designed to help individual PSAPs, regional 9-1-1 authorities, and state and national 9-1-1 organizations develop and send primary outreach messages. Campaign materials, such as flyers, ads, posters, presentations and other documents, are available for download. Links to sample materials, presentations and documents are also available on the site. 

9-1-1 National Public Educator Forum
This network of 9-1-1 public safety professionals serves to strengthen the resources of 9-1-1 public education programs by sharing resources and information

In this online forum, registered users can share ideas and connect with peers over all kinds of topics, including this recent conversation in the Open Forum where users shared PowerPoint examples.

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