For 9-1-1 center managers, the past year has been more challenging than most. In addition to the every-day concerns of hiring, training, scheduling, retaining, monitoring quality and performance of employees, and budgeting for lean times, managers are now dealing with the after-effects of COVID and navigating new challenges around how to best manage and motivate multi-generational staffs.

Do these challenges sound familiar to you? Join 9-1-1 leaders for this Top Staffing Challenges Q&A roundtable as they discuss these and other top challenges and steps they’re taking to mitigate the potential outcomes from these challenges.

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  • Karen Carlson, PSAP Product Manager, NICE, and former 911 Operations Manager at Brown County Public Safety Communications and Management Information Coordinator at FoxComm, Wisconsin


  • Jeff Streeter, Executive Director, JeffCom, Colorado
  • Kimberly Green, Dispatch Administrator, Little Rock Arkansas
  • Jon Whitford, 911 Unit Manager, Michigan State Patrol