Many states are upgrading their 9-1-1 systems to prepare for the next generation of emergency communications. As North Dakota began their NG9-1-1 journey, they set out to enhance the delivery of all types of emergency calls – wireless, voice over internet protocol (VOIP), landline and SMS/text – but were challenged by 52 counties that had varying tools and resources. Working with Intrado, the North Dakota Association of Counties created an accurate, complete and standardized geospatial database that was an essential early step in their process of making the transition to NG9-1-1.

By developing key processes, customized approaches, partnering with key entities, North Dakota achieved a faster, more efficient migration to GIS-based MSAGs, easier day-to-day maintenance of change requests, and support for counties that had no in-house GIS expertise.  

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  • Why GIS and NG911 go hand in hand
  • How to more efficiently transition to geospatial call handling
  • What to do if your PSAP, has little capacity for GIS-related duties
  • Opportunities for leveraging data beyond 911

When every second counts, having accurate location data is a must. Attend this webinar to learn how you can improve GIS data, enhance your 9-1-1 workflow and save valuable time with highly accurate location data.