Today’s public safety and dispatch landscape is rapidly changing. The COVID-19 pandemic has added an additional layer of challenges, putting more stress on a workforce that is already pushed to the limits–and putting their safety at risk. Agencies often find that they are asked to do more with less: smaller budget, less time for necessary IT tasks, and fewer resources. In this one-hour seminar, Karen Carlson, an industry expert will discuss the benefits of moving your CAD to the cloud. From controlling agency costs to securing agency CAD data, moving to the cloud offers agencies new opportunities to stay ahead of the curve.

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Learn how a cloud-based CAD system can help your agency:

  • Address mobility and work from home capabilities
  • Deploy new features faster
  • Manage security & agency costs
  • Offload maintenance and maximize IT resources

Karen Carlson, SaaS Portfolio Offer Manager, Motorola Solutions