Command and dispatch centers are central to every critical communications system where quickly dispatching the appropriate first responders is of paramount importance. Key to command center operations is having a good understanding of the full operational picture using multiple data sources. We however live in an interconnected world with a plethora of data coming to us from different angles, and these centers are not immune to this challenge of data overload. With an increased adoption of broadband technology and the gradual move to NG9-1-1, the sheer volume of data coming to command centers is almost through the roof.

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This Tech Talk provides an overview of L3Harris’ new situational awareness solution that helps dispatchers and command center leaders effectively manage this dynamic data-rich environment.  This solution provides a synchronized, real-time common operational picture that delivers intelligence to drive faster decisions, increased efficiency, and enhanced public safety.

Craig Johnston, VP of Business Development, Live Earth
Kofi Appiah, Principal Product Manager for Public Safety and Professional Communications (PSPC), L3Harris