Is your 9-1-1 center so laser focused on the pure mechanics of handling 9-1-1 calls that you’re missing the big picture? Are you overly tuned into call volumes and call answer times, with little visibility into actual call outcomes and how well you’re supporting your member agencies? Lacking insight into why things happened the way they did? Plagued by staffing, retention and quality issues with no idea how to turn things around? In this webinar, we’ll show you how to look beyond the call and get the big picture of what’s happening, how and why, so you can effect true transformation.

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Learn how to:

  • Gain visibility into what’s happening in your 9-1-1 center and why, and make adjustments before problems get out of hand
  • Reconstruct the complete call lifecycle to uncover what happened – not only what your telecommunicators said and heard, but what information they had access to and what they did
  • Unlock the holy grail to get near real-time access to all of your data, all in one place
  • Go beyond treating symptoms to identifying and addressing root causes of problems
  • Use quality assurance to identify who (or what) isn’t performing and why – (for example, is it a coaching, process, training or technology issue?)
  • Use targeted quality qssurance to zero in on the high priority calls that matter most
  • Leverage precise location data, along with your multimedia recordings, for scenario reconstruction and evidentiary purposes
  • Justify funding and troubleshoot turnover, training, onboarding and staffing issues
  • Go beyond basic metrics and readily access other valuable metrics, including time to enter, time to dispatch, time to on scene, and time to clear (by priority, agency, or incident type)
  • Get visibility into how well your agency is supporting partner law enforcement, fire and EMS agencies

Presenter: Patrick Botz, Director of Engagement, NICE Public Safety and co-author of ‘The High Performing PSAP’ guidebook